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Unicorn Cake

Q's Signature Cakes

Unicorn Cake


Unicorn Cake

from 58.00

Q’s Unicorn Cakes have four layers of cake, with buttercream between each layer. The outside of the cake will be decorated with a smooth white buttercream, a multi-colour buttercream mane, and finished with a gold horn and ears. Unicorn cakes are presented on a 1/2” board, finished with a matching satin ribbon around the edge.

A message cake be written around the base of the cake.

Sizes & Servings:

  • 6” cake - 8-10 servings - $58.00

  • 8” cake - 14-18 servings - $70.00

**Please give at least 48 hours advanced notice when ordering online**

Cake size:
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